Tree Surveys & Management

It's been a good start to the year at TGM as we have been undertaking inspections to provide home buyers reports and undertaking development site surveys. In both cases an important aspect of the service is managing the clients expectations so that they are not only aware of what is required in the here and now, but what the implications are for the future.
We have also been busy preparing a tree management strategy for a local council who wish to take a more proactive and appropriate approach to management of their trees.
Managing trees can be simple however a realistic understanding of their needs is required. If you have any queries relating to trees please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to give you some advice.

What Lies Beneath (Yew, Taxus baccata)


Winter Solstice, The Shortest Day (Our Summer Will Come Again)


Landmark Trees (Tree Protection in the UK)

I am currently on a train journey (unfortunately not the one pictured here!) and have just glanced up to see a most impressive Ash tree at the edge of a field. Train journeys access parts of the countryside we rarely see which can make it hard to orientate yourself relative to your route, and although I am somewhat new to this area I immediately recognised the tree and knew exactly where I was.
It is a very dominant feature in the landscape, although thousands of people drive past it every day and may not discriminate between it and other trees and vegetation in the agricultural fields bordering the highway.It is however, a landmark tree, and perhaps it has made a mark on some people who pass this way, even if they have not taken the time to have a closer look or wonder at its age or origin.
It is a prime candidate for protection by means of a Tree Preservation Order and ticks all of the boxes regarding amenity value.

The only protection we currently have for trees in the UK are Tree Pre…

Woodland Management and Tree Planting Schemes

TGM have been involved in some exciting tree survey projects through the autumn including further surveys for woodland management and restoration for the purposes of wildlife and amenity, and creation of a woodland garden to be utilised for commercial recreational purposes.

Both projects have involved specifying a significant amount of tree planting which is always one of the best aspects of the role of an arboricultural consultant. Undertaking species selection for planting schemes that compliment each other and the existing treescape, and providing enhancement planting for future generations, is extremely rewarding.
Both Natural Resources Wales and the Forestry Commission advocate planting a certain percentage of non native or naturalised species in woodlands and other settings in order to improve biodiversity and resilience.

This opens up a wealth of beautiful and beneficial species to arborists undertaking planting schemes and the opportunity should be exploited to the full.

Tree Surveys in the Autumn

Well autumn is well under way and what a beautiful season it has been so far. We are still getting plenty of warm sunny days and the trees throughout North Wales are just stunning this year. We have even managed to retain some leaves following the two recent storms.

TGM has been very busy undertaking surveys throughout the Wrexham area, including woodland surveys, and we are now getting stuck into preparing the management plans and re-planting specifications, which is one of the best aspects of arboriculture.
Choosing appropriate tree stock, and actually getting to plant some trees is very rewarding, as is going back to watch them grow year after year. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly a treescape establishes.

Many people's perception of trees is that they wont have an impact until they reach maturity however, that isn't the case at all. You only have to drive through the National Forest to appreciate that. There are many hectares of trees there that have been planted out o…

Half way there...

As we pass the halfway point of 2018 I have been reflecting on projects completed to date, its been a great year so far seeing TGM complete home buyers reports, condition surveys and pre-development site surveys for a diverse range of clients and sites.
It has been my pleasure to work with some great clients, particularly on development site surveys, to help create unique design proposals that allow the retention of significant on-site trees and produce diverse replacement and enhancement planting schemes.
Unfortunately during recent condition surveys I have had to condemn several trees where significant decay fungi have been identified however it is all part of tree management.
I will be updating the website with profiles for the fungi found in the next few weeks however in the meantime if you have any queries or require advice don't hesitate to get in touch.