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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

5 Facts About Fungi

1. The part of the fungus you see on a tree or on the ground, for those that don't know, is the fruit of the fungus. A fungal organism moves through a medium such as soil or wood in a state known as mycelium and reproduces via spores released from the fruit, or fruiting body.

Picture of mycelium, the fungal organism, in its fine thread like state at the base of the fungus stem.

Image Credit for Mycelium: Mycelium by Phylotopsis

2. Thicker strands of mycelium are called Rhizomorphs and are more durable to traverse the woodland floor and leaf litter.

3. There are certain fungi that can detect the chemical signature emitted by damaged tree roots, and move themselves towards it. This is termed chemotaxic and self motile, respectively.

4. The more aggressive chemotaxic and self motile fungus can penetrate a healthy, intact root. Armillaria spp. Honey Fungus is such a fungus and can be commonly found within woodlands in its rhizomorph state of black lace like strands.

Picture of Armillaria spp. in rhizomorph state covering the lower main stem of a dead, bark less, oak. Devouring the last available food sources.

5. Fungi develop barriers within trees to preserve pockets of wood and therefore food stocks for themselves in competition with other species, and with other members of their own species.


  1. This is really interesting stuff... one thing about Blogging is being able to pick up snippets of info here and there.. but this is much morethan that. I look forward to many more visits and lessons.

  2. Hello! I am glad you enjoyed the information. It is an excellent subject I think and one I am passionate about. It's good to have an interested audience! Bye for now.

  3. An informative post and a great blog. I shall return. (Visiting via Tom's link and recommendation. He was right.)

  4. Hello Marvin! Thank you I am really glad the information is being enjoyed. I have always thought it was a fascinating subject but then I think all of nature is pretty amazing!

  5. thanks! i used theese facts for a school project.

  6. Hi Wizard! I am glad they were of use to you. Fungus really are pretty amazing! I hope you get an A!

  7. i love these facts


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