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Sunday, 17 February 2008

Buttress Exposed


  1. Is the word 'Buttress' a technical term for this view... again it would be of interest.. Always willing to learn these terms... maybe a post on Tree Terms would be good... I know I'd find it of interest..and I know Peter would.

  2. Yes it is but not just because it's exposed. The buttress flare or buttress roots is the area of wood between the stem base and the start of the roots. Not all trees have have a pronounced basal flare or buttress.

    On this sycamore the buttress has developed well as the tree is in an exposed area and has grown reaction wood at the buttress to strengthen itself and withstand the elements.

    Additionally soil erosion, grazing and water run off has further exposed the buttress and tops of some of the roots, now weathered.

    Buttressing is more common on large trees.

    I think your idea of some tree terms as a post is a great idea. And if there is anything you ever want to know just say and I can cover it.

    I'll have a think about a group of terms that may be useful.

  3. This looks like some kind of monstrous monster foot!

  4. Hey Lady Banana. It does doesn't it. I always think beech stems and buttress look like elephants legs and toes.

  5. Nature always amazes me, beautiful photo. Anna :)

  6. One moment, I'll post mine soon. just wanted to say I love your new site!


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