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Monday, 4 February 2008

The Weeping Tree

My last post pictured the view from within the canopy of a Weeping Ash, Fraxinus excelsior 'Pendula' for which I received a comment from Tom Wigley.....or Old Wom Tigley (Tom your identity appearing as Wom Tigley really made me do a double take and question my powers of observation!).

It made me think about my picture and wish I'd taken another snap from the outside as you cannot appreciate it's unique weeping habit from this view-port. I am going back to this site soon and will take another picture!

In the meantime I found this awesome picture of a Weeping Beech, posted at a photo share site I have registered with. Image Credit: MD72 at webshots.

Unfortunately there were no Weeping Ash photos but I will remedy that in the Spring, for now I give you Fagus sylvatica 'Pendula'.

weeping european beech 2

And this picture of a smaller tree from a distance: Image Credit Sehauer at Webshots

European Weeping Beech


  1. Hi there Dancing Fool.
    What a great name... makes me smile just seeing it.
    I check your blog each day now, I have linked to it from my place and I will try to get a few more like minded folk this way for you. I love your tree pictures and of course your knowledge about them.. I might pick the odd bit of info up.
    You Land Rover and the work to be done... I used to go on a Land Rover forum... in fact I had my own section.. called Joe Kings Road Kill Cafe... Bad Jokes, Sick Pictures but stuff that some of the folks back there were into. It was meant as a laugh.
    Anyway I fell out with the Forum owner. BUT.. I still recommend Landy Nuts to drop in and see what it is like.

    There's some great lads on there that know there stuff and are very helpful... it costs nothing to join.. but you need a thick skin at times. It might be worth while having a look anyway.

    The Blue Landy in the pictures belongs to my mate Barry who owns a land rover garage.. if it's left in the yard thugs push it into the canal... twice that as happened.
    Anyhow thats enough, if you do pop over to OLLR... let me know what you think.. ha! don't mention Joe King.

  2. Beautiful tree photos. I like your work.

  3. Hey Tom! Thank you. I am so very pleased to have a regular visitor and tree enthusiast! And thank you for the landy forum info.

    There is a tree forum which requires similarly thick skin although it's a small industry so most people are some what restrained as you really don't want to upset too many people in the tree world!

    I will keep you posted!

    Hello, welcome and thank you Old Man Lincoln!

  4. Wow, those trees are beautiful. I think my sister-in-law has one of those in her yard. I'll have to snap a picture of it when it gets it's leaves

  5. Hello Dot! Please do, I would love to see it.

  6. Hi, Tom sent me over, he were right too, you have a fab blog here also you know your stuff and knowledge is fantastic.
    Great photos and great posts.

    Come and checkout my fun quiz, ends at 11pm tonight.

  7. Drop by Tom, and then from him to you, these a very lovely tree photos, just amazing, Anna :)

  8. Hi Imac! Sorry I just missed out on your quiz!

    Hello Anna, thank you, I am glad you like them.

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