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Saturday, 19 April 2008

Trees & Related Ecology

Trees and related ecology is the hot favourite on the tree topic poll at present so I am going to do a post covering the most obvious species associated with trees, birds.

IMG_0431 Cockatoo trying to hide it's nest

Image Credit: Poppy 1812

Birds use trees for food, shelter, nesting, beak cleaning, broad casting their mating calls and probably a few other reasons I have not mentioned here! The bigger the tree the better the habitat.

Trees in urban areas are often reduced in height to address peoples concerns. Common issues are volume of leaf litter, a lack of day light, and to alleviate their fears regarding the safety of tall trees. Trees bend in the wind to distribute the forces acting upon them. This swaying can be extreme and usually causes unwarranted concern.

hanging oropenduala bird nests

Image Credit: Nancifi

It is widely recognised that when urban trees are reduced greatly in height, or in areas where smaller trees replace larger historic planting, an increase in predator birds such as the magpie is seen in conjunction with a reduction in song birds.

The bigger the tree, the greater number and variety of birds.

Blackbird in a Woodpecker nest.

Image Credit: Chuck4Photos

It should be noted that we have many ground vegetation and hedgerow nesting birds in this country, and all birds and their nests are protected by Statute Law in The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

'The Act makes it an offence (with exception to species listed in Schedule 2) to intentionally kill, injure, or take any wild bird or their eggs or nests. Special penalties are available for offences related to birds listed on Schedule 1, for which there are additional offences of disturbing these birds at their nests, or their dependent young. The Secretary of State may also designate Areas of Special Protection (subject to exceptions) to provide further protection to birds. The Act also prohibits certain methods of killing, injuring, or taking birds, restricts the sale and possession of captive bred birds, and sets standards for keeping birds in captivity..

Text Credit: Joint Nature Conservation Commitee

4692 Closer View of Eagle Nest

Image Credit: MeAbbott

Tree works are often disturbed or delayed due to nesting birds however it is part of tree management and there are many ecological concerns in arboriculture.

Just to touch on tree management while I have mentioned the subject, there are several times of year where tree works are problematic, or detrimental to the tree, not all of which coincide with sensitive times for associated ecological species. I will cover this in more detail within tree biology and tree management.


  1. Excellent Post
    Most informative and well worth the read..

  2. Hello dancin' fool.

    The reason iasked about the black country? I'm a brum born, bought up in the Black Country, Cradley Heath in fact.

    Looks like you do some sterling conservation work, and agrre with Tom, very informative post you have on all your blogs.

    My partner did his Masters in Environmental Science, went on to do PhD, but the funding was pulled.At the time he couldn't get a job for love nor money in this area.

    Recycling is big on the island, and most conseration/ environmental work is on a voluntary basis, again re funding.

    Will be back to check out your blogs in depth.

    The green man Arthurian Legend or the Pub in Harbourne?

  3. Hello Babooshka! Thanks for your comment and sorry for the delay. I am without internet connection at home at present and am sadly blog deprived! I thought I would have a sneek peak while at work today.

    Well given your origins you did not need my explanation of the Black Country!!

    Has your partner managed to find environmental work now? Are you involved in a smiliar field?

    I am really glad you enjoy my blogs. I am thrilled so find such an interested audience for this one in particular as it is a labour of love for me.

    The Authurian Legend, although if you recommend the pub I will make a note to visit!!

    Thanks again for your lovely comment, bye for now!

  4. P.S. Sorry about the typo's!! Hurredly typing before my non work activity is noticed!!

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