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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Tree Planting

The best part of my job is planting trees. It is very hard to convince people to invest in looking after their old trees. Similarly it is hard to get landowners to invest in tree planting and appropriate aftercare to support their survival however many of the mature trees we see and appreciate today were planted by someone, had they not taken the time and the effort what would we have?

These species are some of the trees I have planned for a restoration project during this autumn and winter.

I usually buy containerised trees and will be going to the nursery in July to pick out the specific trees I want.

The nursery are very good however if you leave it until they arrive on site it is difficult to go through them all and make sure there are no issues. Also when you are spending between £80 - £200 on a tree you want to make sure its the best of the bunch.

I went to one of the formal parks I manage yesterday to look at some trees that have been vandalised. They will need to be replaced in the autumn.

While I was there I took some pictures of the trees that have been establishing at the park. Some of these species I will be planting at other sites later in the year. The species shown here in order of appearance are: Giant Redwood or Wellingtonia (Sequoiadendron giganteum), Deodar Cedar (Cedrus deodara), Blue Atlantic Cedar or Blue Atlas Cedar(Cedrus artlantica 'Glauca') and Giant Redwood again (Sequioadendron giganteum).

Tree planting is, as I have mentioned, the best part of my job and I am looking forward to getting the trees in and watching them develop in the coming years. I will not see them develop into maturity however if other people had not planted trees throughout the last few centuries I would not get to enjoy the mature treescapes I get to walk through. It is a legacy for the future.


  1. I love trees, and can't imagine a landscape without them!

    The tree outside my window fell down (it was only a tiny one) but I missed it a lot. Luckily the council have now replaced it.

    Unlike this one: A very big tree fell down across a busy road without any previous signs..


  2. Hi Ladybanana! Thanks for your comment and the link. I have left you a comment over at your place.

    By the way I saw your sign saying do you ever visit the bottom of the page so I did and there was a spider there! A realistic one too! I didn't stay too long!!! :0)

  3. Some fantastic photos !! I loved them..Thanks for sharing and information..Unseen Rajasthan

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