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Saturday, 19 September 2009

The Radley Oak Revisited

A few years ago I was privileged enough to inspect this tree, The Radley Oak. It is situated within the grounds of a private boys school in Oxfordshire however a public footpath passes the tree.

The tree has been aged at 1,100 years, which should be easily achievable by English Oaks, Quercus robur, however due to land management techniques such as ploughing up to the bases of trees, and livestock grazing causing soil compaction around trees root systems few are able to.

This is the first time I have seen it in leaf and I was amazed at how healthy the crown is. The tree has extensive heart rot and you can climb inside the main stem and stand up within it.

Amazingly there is no current protection for such trees. The tree survives despite its environmental surroundings. A golf course runs through the grounds and there is a putting green a few feet from the base of the tree. The intensive management of the adjacent grass and compaction caused by people walking over its root system is detrimental.

While visiting I picked up a few acorns that had fallen and intend to grow them.

To give you an idea of scale the next picture shows someone standing next to the tree.


  1. I love trees... And this one is amazing, quite unusual :)

  2. You should really go and see it! It is not until you are standing next to the stem that you realise just how big it is!

  3. Fantastic tree... I'm shocked that theres no prpper protection for this and other trees.. Thats one tree I would dearly like to hug... ha! and I'm not know as a tree hugger..
    Great to see you in my comments... I very nearly missed you.. I like te new Rose icon.. ha! I can not remember what the proper name for signiture pictures is.

  4. Hi Tom! It really is a beauty. If you are ever south of Oxford just follow signs to Radley village and then the college/ school. Go up the main drive and park up and then keep walking straight on. You will pick up the signs for the public footpath which take you over part of a golf course and there at the bottom of the hill is the tree. I find it a very moving tree to visit.

    It's a little too big to hug but I did touch it for a long while!

    It's nice to be nearly missed! I also do not know the name for the ID shots and just call them Blogger ID shots! That will do!!

    Happy weekend to you and Jane, bye for now!!!

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