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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

As an Arborist I get to plant trees for the benefit of the public for generations to come, I also get to see what other people are planting. All sorts of professionals plant trees however with all due respect they are not all tree experts and may not seek advice as to what they can plant and how long it will live.

Planting trees, particularly within our urban environments, has huge benefits for us and the planet. Trees clean our air, cool our air, encourage wildlife providing habitat for birds, bats, foxes, squirrels, badgers and a whole heap of insects. The bigger the tree, the better, for all!

Trees also create calming, natural areas where we can relax and play to get away from the pace of the urban environment and our hectic lives.

It saddens me to see new planting schedules consisting of small trees with short life expectancies. There is room for all tree species but what I am asking is that all tree planters thing a little more long term.

I see too many public highways planted with a few small fruit trees that succumb to vandalism or die when they reach the end of their lives. One by one they are taken out and before you know it the planting pits are filled in and the street becomes treeless.

Trees with greater life expectancies can conceivably exist for hundreds of years, with or without management. Longer lived trees can be interspersed with short term trees to provide diversity but the longer lived specimens will provide a legacy for the future.

Where would we be today if the Victorians had not thought big in their tree planting schemes? Granted their motivation was different however what greater reason can we have for planting trees then to help cleanse out air, regulate our temperatures and keep the birds and beasts in our environment?

So the next time you get to plant a tree, be bold and think big!

Image Credits: BoreMe, Francais 227, NYUEDU,

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  1. Wow! That middle tree pic is amazing, it's enormous, how fantastic!

  2. Hello! It would be amazing to stand next to that wouldn't it! We are currently planning our dream holiday travelling around the globe seeing amazing trees. The Baobab Tree will be on the list as well as the Tule Tree, shown in the top picture. We may have to save for a few years but it will be worth it!

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