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Thursday, 19 November 2009


  1. Ah ha! I found a more recent post! I usually go to In The Pink and have missed you, Dancin'!! I have been reading Green Man just now as I love trees and, thanks to my dear father, long dead now, we have very mature trees, some of which we've lost for whatever reason, though when the city and county put the water/sewer drains thru and wanted to pay us $500 to cut down our triple trunk white birch, we wouldn't let them, so someone tunneled under it and so far it's hanging in there. We were spending $550 a year to have it sprayed and deep-root fed, an expense we've had to let go of due to financial circumstances. It does have some crown damage, a few huge woodpecker holes, etc. We also have an enormous black walnut and 9 very tall "cedar" trees (at least that is what my father always said they were...others have said they didn't think so). We had to cut 3 of them down probably due to insects (bark beetle?) which broke my heart. My brother had given me little cedar seedlings yrs ago and we've planted them on our extra acre lot and they are quite large now, too. We have a huge cotton poplar and I allowed a small one to grow that had seeded. We have an old orchard which we never have sprayed so whatever fruit there is usually critters, including deer, come and eat from the ground. An old McIntosh apple, Yellow Delicious, and several pears and such. What we really! have are Tree of Heaven trees all over, a nuisance, but some are so tall now ... and one has several branches that just fell down yrs ago and we left them alone and there's one unbelievable branch which I wrote of in my blog (Magical, mystical branch from the Tree of Heaven) that looks like a Claddagh ... then a straight tree growing in the center ... then the end is like a tuning fork or dowsing rod! It is awesome! Well, DF, I didn't mean to go on and on here. It is Thanksgiving Day here and I just wanted to let you know I've been very thankful for our correspondences in the past and hope to have more in the future. I am proud to know someone who is such a good person to Nature and Dogs ;oD ... Love, SisSTAR (Kyle)

  2. Hey Bud!!! Wonderful to hear from you. I have been an absent blogger for a while due to busyness but I have thought of you whenever I thought of blogging. Your trees sound wonderful! Could you take some pictures and post them?

    I have been busy planting locally. 604 so far and more to come. Obviously it is not my money buying them! Wouldn't that be nice!

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. Christmas is nearly here!

    I hope to be back blogging regularly very soon but for now bud be well and happy. xx

  3. Oh, thank you so much for replying. I had it wrong in my In the Pink reply, thinking I'd written in "Evolved" blog. I've saved Green Man in my favorites now so I'll check this out a lot more. I love glad to hear back from you!
    I have writer's blog, I suppose, and haven't blogged much either, except using other authors' writings a bit. Need to "bust loose" and write my own stuff again and I have 3 rolls of film (don't do digital yet) and my old place that developed them with a CD to download to my computer has stopped doing that, so need to find another. Such a procrastinator!

  4. Hey Bud! I don't do Evolved and Green Man posts very often, they take a long while as I want them to be informative but then maybe that's not such a bad thing. If I posted regularly it may be too often for people to keep up. Everyone has other things to do.

    Sorry to hear about your block, sometimes you have to do other things don't you. I have had poem block for about 2 years now and its driving me nuts!

    I am arranging lots of tree planting this year and will plant something special for you. Then you will always know that somewhere in the UK, around the midlands, there is a tree dedicated to you from me. I promise I will look after it.

  5. That is so very beautiful. You have quite an eye.

  6. Hey Sandy! Thank you, it was a wonderfully windy day, not a good idea to spend too long in woodlands in gales but I could not resist trying to photograph the trees swaying and birch do it so well!

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  8. I enjoyed your post. I think this is my first visit. I have a natural thing for trees and plants and no problems in growing them or making clones. I try to take care of the few trees we have and encourage others to do the same but here, in Ohio, we only have tree butchers. It is nice to see others who have the same feelings. I even talk to them.

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