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Saturday, 19 December 2009

Related Ecology: Birds and the Nesting Season

In my industry there are few windows of opportunity for tree works in full consideration of all related ecology, in particular bats and birds. It is not just a case of habitat but trees and hedgerows also provide navigational tools and food sources.

Bats should all be hibernating at the moment, although they do wake during this period and sometimes come out to feed or relocate to a more suitable roost site. Birds however are as busy as ever.

The official nesting season starts in March however you may have noticed that the bird population are already starting to pair up.

I attempt to stop any tree works I have scheduled by February. Although nesting may start in March the birds need some time to pick a suitable nesting site, but I do believe that this process starts earlier.

My garden is teaming with birds this morning, some already seemingly paired off, some trying to find a mate. And I expect that they will already have picked an area to nest in, in the new year, taking this time to select somewhere with security and good access to food sources for their young, or returning to an area used the previous year.

It is therefore vital that we consider this prior to undertaking any vegetation management.

Tree works required to abate a serious hazard often have to proceed if there is no suitable alternative however cyclical works, scrub management or the removal of trees and hedgerows, if it has to be done, can and should be timed carefully and phased.

We tend to think of vegetation in our time frame however trees are much longer lived. Not only does phased work suit their phenology but it also aids the many birds and beasts that rely on them.

Sometimes we seem to want our lives to be in black and white. We can do tree works up until March without question because that is what the Wildlife and Countryside Act says. However as we all know nothing in life is simply black and white.

If you are planning any vegetation management this winter, whether on a large scale contract as part of your job, or simply removing or significantly changing a vegetative feature in your garden. Give consideration to the birds, they are territorial and may struggle to find somewhere else suitable this close to nesting.

If you like birds, remember that you can encourage them into your gardens by maintaining a 'wildlife corridor' through your garden to feeding areas. Vegetation that provides a safe passage between habitats such as hedgerows connecting trees with gardens, increases the number and variety of birds that will visit.


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  2. Try your bable fish dancin' it looks like a lovely message. Mean while thanks for your info re the flight path for the birds.

  3. Hey Bowledover! Thanks for your comment and the tip, I will try it out now.

    The birds are very busy and vocal now, it is lovely, Spring is coming!

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    Got any ideas?

    Like threatening it with a weed wacker?

  6. Hi Abe,

    Thanks for the advice about the Spam message, how do they get through!!

    Anyway, with regard to your bamboo I think it may be a little early to see significant growth given when you planted it but it should be increasing in size.

    Climate is a big factor for bamboo, do you get very cold weather?

    As a final thought you could feed the roots this summer with sugar water. 30g of sugar per litre of water per metre squared, making sure the sugar is dissolved, applied to the soil around the plant over a few weeks should help. I would suggest three applications to start with. Over application is not good for the plant.

    It gives the roots the very product they make from photosynthesis without any of the effort and has been shown to increase root development and plant defences.

    Let me know how you get on and I hope you are back home and blogging very soon. As you will see from your blog you have been missed.

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