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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Getting out and Exploring

Early summer is a great time of year to get out and about amongst the plants and trees. If you are quick you should catch the last scents of spring in the air. Personally I can recommend walking near or beneath the canopies of Lime trees as they give off the most beautifully fragrant aroma.

To help you find somewhere to explore near to you I am recommending the following websites:

BBC Breathing Places

This website is only relevant for the UK however by entering your postcode, or a postcode or town name for an area you may be visiting, it will bring up a list of places to visit to enjoy and explore the natural environment.

The website gives a brief description of the recommended site with a map and list of facilities.

You may also try:
The Garden Landscape Guide

This website provides details of registered gardens around the world, listed by country and then region. The website gives maps and directions, images for some gardens, includes reviews of each garden and gives you the option to add a review or image if you have visited one of them.

An excellent tool for planning a world wide garden tour, a trip out for a planned holiday or travelling the globe by garden from the comfort of your living room!

Castle Finder

This website 'does what it says on the tin' and provides lists of castles in the UK by region. Many of the castles exist now as ruins only however of one thing you can be sure, they have amazing backdrops.

The website provides detailed information, directions and photographs.

Forestry Commission GB

The Forestry Commission website has an excellent woodland finder tool providing details of each woodlans, what wildlife you may see there, direction and photographs. You can search by region.

Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust runs an interactive map allowing you to find woodlands to visit near you or throughout the country by browsing the map or searching using a postcode.

For other outdoor experiences why not try typing Arboretum or Garden Finder into your Search Engine and see what comes up. Now everything is back in leaf and bloom its time to get out and smell the roses.

Image Credits:
The Grow Spot


  1. You are an amazing awesome person, Dancin'!! Wish I was in the UK to go and visit some of these places. We have lovely places here ... I'm afraid my own yard is nearly 2 acres but quite a wild child. It's hard to keep up with it since so much was planted when my father built the home in 1948. But I love it. Haven't had the gumption to plant annuals like I'd like to, but to see what comes up is interesting, too, and it is quite a nature haven for many birds and wildlife (like me ;oD)
    Best to you, SisSTAR KLH xo

  2. Hey Bud! I envy you your wild garden, it sounds lovely and just what I would like. We are no great gardeners and prefer the natural approach, I agree the benefits in wildlife are huge too.

    Happy Monday Bud, bye for now! xxx

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