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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Trees - I Want to Know More About...

The poll on the right hand side regarding aspects of arboriculture that you the reader want to know more about has now closed and I would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote for their participation.

I will re-open the poll shortly however I need a little time in order to record the votes and ensure I create posts reflecting peoples interests to put up in the coming months.

This blog started for me as an extension of my career, and passion for arboriculture and its companion industries, and I am delighted that there has been such an interest in such a short space of time. My main motivation is to share the knowledge and experience I have gained.

I am leaving the country shortly for tree related pursuits but on my return will be commencing a more regular programme of posts, covering the issues people are interested in, and will re-open the poll at this time.

In the meantime I hope you all make the most of this time of year where trees can be viewed without leaf, revealing their species unique form and colouring. New shoots and new buds are currently providing a pastel array of colours to the landscape and I have noticed a few buds even beginning to swell on the Pussy willow or Goat willow, Salix caprea, teasing us with the promise of Spring.


  1. Have only recently come across your blog but look forward to your next series of posts when you return.

    Meanwhile - have a good time away!

    Lucy Corrander

  2. Hi Lucy, thanks for your lovely comment. I am itching to get going this year and feeling Spring fever already!

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