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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Bud Burst

Bud burst has finally begun. After weeks of tree buds starting to swell the first flowers and leaves of the year have appeared. Always one of the first to flower seen here above and below, the blackthorn, Prunus spinosa.

Blackthorn makes it's presence in our hedgerows felt in the Spring by developing its flowers before its leaves and provides a brilliant splash of colour.

A few solitary cherry trees have also begun to indicate the arrival of Spring in the tree world.

The hawthron, Crataegus monogyna, another dominant hedgerow tree develops its leaves first. The flowers will follow later.

Bud burst is one of the most energy demanding times of year for trees and as such any pruning should be avoided until after the leaves have fully formed. Pruning will stimulate a trees defense system as it attempts to seal off the pruning wounds thus diverting energy from leaf formation.


  1. Blackthorn today on Loose and Leafy - it must be the season!

    I've included your blog in a list of 'Related Blogs'. (Tab below the header). I'm wondering if you would like an emblem / logo / identifying picture to go beside it?


  2. Hi Lucy! Thanks for your visit and link, I will pop over now and have a look.

  3. Thanks for your note on Loose and Leafy

    Yes please, do send a picture to use as a logo

    - or point me to some on your blog and I can copy the URL from one of them.


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